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What we are doing with finance industry regulations

Model Drivers has taken on the task of industrialising the worlds financial regulations. We are automating the hard parts of regulation using a new approach. ModelDR (Model Driven Regulation) brings automation and industrialisation to what is otherwise a costly, valueless overhead.

What do we mean by industrialisation?

Current Industrialised
Regulation expression Natural language Semantically modelled
Development process Regulator controlled Social, regulator facilitated
Reports XBRL Semantic Events
Change Manual process Model Driven
Implementation IT Development cycle Auto generated
Testing Largely manual Automated

Case studies

Better understand the FCA Handbook

The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK has a comprehensive handbook. [1]

With Brexit and increasing complexity and scope there is a need for a more powerful way of finding information, as well as a need to simplify for a broader audience, people who would not have otherwise needed information from the handbook.

In this use case you will see the power of semantics for both human and machine readable access to complex regulations

Case study/semantics and the FCA Handbook

Speed the implementation of new and changed regulations

Query, analyse and report on regulatory rules and in-house policies. Use powerful queries to find and analyse impacts.

In this case study we use the European Banking Authority (EBA) COREP And FINREP reports.

Case study/Query and analyse a regulation for impact analysis

Drive down the cost and time of compliance

Reverse engineer legacy systems to understand their semantics. Align and harmonise internal systems and policies to regulatory requirements. Use this capability to automate and simplify the regulatory reporting process.

Case study/Automating a regulatory reporting pipeline

Automate testing

A complex and comprehensive regulatory reporting system has many testing challenges. These include the large volume of tests required, and the time and cost of creating appropriate test data. In many firms the scope and depth of testing is minimised to control costs, compromising managements confidence in the process.

Case study/Test automation at BearingPoint regulatory reporting

Turn compliance and audit into value adding functions

Governance processes like compliance and audit are traditionally a cost overhead. The Model Drivers approach turns this on its head - compliance and audit become important value adding functions.

Case study/Making compliance and audit value adding

Explore further

Working demonstration

Contact Model Drivers for a 10 minute introduction to a working use case. Contact us

Model Drivers listing of finance industry regulations

A listing (incomplete!) of the worlds financial regulations and their industrialisation status is here: Regulations